As a Brand designer, for more than 15 years I have focused on understanding the relationship between brands and people, focusing on creating value for the user and as a result for the company and the brand.

My training as a Graphic Designer allowed me to develop my technical and mental skills to approach projects from a perspective that questions and is capable of facing creative challenges that require being able to think outside of a traditional model, but it was my curiosity to understand what is behind everything. that which can be seen and felt by a brand, which led me to explore and perfect my skills, in order to combine the best of both worlds, since I am convinced that as designers, everything we do must always respond to a relevant need and a deep understanding of who will be the user and the business ecosystem for which we are working.
Currently, I specialize in helping companies focus their resources on those opportunities where they generate the most value, to lead innovation initiatives helping them to transcend through their users, developing the design process that as a result materializes and defines the brand.